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You have been directed to this form for the purpose of picking which of our car announcement list you would like to be included on. Silver Star Recycling.com has a service for their customers that will keep them informed about our inventory of Mercedes,Porsche,Audi,BMW,Volvo, and Volkswagen cars either for parts or for repairing
Whenever we bring in a new car we will notify you of its arrival. That way you have the first shot at those hard to find parts or builders. Our desire is to make Silver Star Recycling.com the most efficient, easy to use on-line ordering site in the world.

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-New Beetle
-Golf / GTI
-Karmann Ghia
-Audi-4000 S/CS
-Audi-5000 S/CS
-Mercedes 107 Chassis
-Mercedes 108 Chassis
-Mercedes 109 Chassis
-Mercedes 111 Chassis
-Mercedes 113 Chassis
-Mercedes 114 Chassis
-Mercedes 115 Chassis
-Mercedes 116 Chassis
-Mercedes 123 Chassis
-Mercedes 124 Chassis
-Mercedes 126 Chassis
-Mercedes 140 Chassis
-Mercedes 163 Chassis
-Mercedes 170 Chassis
-Mercedes 201 Chassis
-Mercedes 202 Chassis
-Mercedes 208 Chassis
-Mercedes 210 Chassis
-Mercedes 220 Chassis
-Mercedes G-wagon
-Porsche 911
-Porsche 912
-Porsche 914
-Porsche 924-944
-Porsche 928
-Porsche 968
-Porsche 356
-Porsche Boxster
-Porsche Cayenne


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